Cloud ERP For Energy Companies

Strategic Decisions to Leverage the Cloud

Cloud ERP For Energy Companies

Driving Strategic Decisions to Leverage the Cloud

Our Purpose

Energy Business Executives seek clarity about moving ERP functions to the Cloud, recent survey finds.

When it comes to making decisions regarding ERP, organizations in the energy sector should be aware of the benefits and challenges associated with the different options – from on-premises systems to fully cloud-based ERP and hybrid solutions. In this report, we surveyed of 52 executives from companies within the energy sector in North America.

Key Benefits

Energy company
  • Learn business leaders perceptions of Cloud ERP
  • Understand what Cloud ERP is, and the different options
  • Opportunities and challenges associated with cloud-based ERP
  • The perceived benefits of ERP in Cloud
  • Factors to consider when determining your company’s path forward

Key Findings


of energy companies see the ability to get faster and simpler upgrades as a key driver.


of energy companies are concerned about security or privacy issues related to having their critical business data in the cloud, while 44% are worried about service abuses – like service traffic hijacking and hacking.


of companies already have a strategy focused on moving business functions and applications to a cloud based service.

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Our study found that corporate executives are interested in seeking out knowledge on both the challenges and benefits of cloud adoption and rely on IT thought leadership for information and advice. Enterprises have the information, but they need further assurance of the full strategy, the security and the savings associated with ERP in the cloud. We help them build an effective cloud strategy that meets their business outcomes on their timelines, freeing up their (scarce) resources to focus in new ways.

Wade Alt, Senior Vice President, Channel & Market Strategy and Solutions, Sungard AS

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